High Quality Woodburning Stoves

Stove, Log, Wood Burner Installation Romford, Brentwood & Great Dunmow

Chimey Lining

At Opie's The Stove Shop, we have over 30 years experience in supplying and installing wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. We employ full-time Hetas engineers who are experienced and hold the relevant qualifications. You can therefore be confident that your wood burning stove will be installed safely. We can provide a full installation service covering all aspects of the work required, such as fireplace alterations, Twinwall Chimney Systems and chimney lining within the Brentwood Romford and Great Dunmow areas. It is important, when fitting a new stove, to make sure that you have the correct chimney lining. Having quality chimney linings will help to maintain your chimney so that you will have less on going repairs in the future. We are able to install linings fro your chimneys with a great service and of a high quality across the Romford, Brentwood and Great Dunmow areas.

Stoves, Brentwood, Romford & Great Dunmow

We are able to supply and install stoves in Brentwood, Romford & Great Dunmow. Our showrooms are located in Hatfield Peverel can be easily accessed from Romford. We have a large selection of stoves at our showrooms and are as competitively priced as we can be. We can supply top of the range wood stoves from many prestigious manufacturers. We can also accommodate a range of budgets.

Woodburning Stoves, Brentwood, Romford & Great Dunmow

We are also able to supply and install woodburning stoves in all of the above mentioned areas. At Opie's we can offer expert advice to help you find the best stove to suit your requirements, so why not visit our showrooms to view our selection of stoves.

Log Burners

We can supply both log burners and multi-fuel stoves at our showrooms. We also have a range of different styles of stove, which include both traditional and contemporary models. If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to telephone us or contact us using our online form.