High Quality Woodburning Stoves

3 Reasons to Invest in a Wood Burning Stove for Your Home

The phrase ´wood burning stove´ conjures up images of the past in a rustic setting, perhaps with a family gathered to bask in the comforting warmth and glow of their stove. This trend has however been rising in popularity once more in recent years and it’s for good reason.

Newer wood burning stoves retain the timeless appeal of their predecessors but are efficient and relatively inexpensive when it comes to heating homes. In many cases, people are choosing wood burning stoves over sources of heat such as electricity and gas, and here’s why;

Cost Effective

Wood burning stoves are cheaper to install than many other heating methods, and once they´re installed their efficiency is second to none. Logs and wood pellets are inexpensive to purchase, and people often find that their homes are kept warm and cozy for much less than the cost of their previous electricity or gas bill. Wood burning stoves are reliable sources of heat, and you will never have to worry about power outages or gas leaks.

Unique Heat

The unique feel of a wood burning stove is perhaps the number one reason why people fall in love with them. There is nothing like relaxing in front of a wood burning stove on a cold winter night, with a glass of brandy or a mug of hot cocoa in hand, feeling the heat exude throughout the room. People love to gather around a wood burning stove and relax in the warmth it emits, and an attractive, modern wood burning stove can easily become the centrepiece of any room.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people are turning to wood burning stoves because they want an environmentally friendly option when it comes to heating their home. People are becoming more and more aware of the issues that traditional energy industries can wreak on the environment, and wood burning stoves provide a carbon-neutral option. Wood logs emit carbon dioxide, but wood is considered a renewable resource, and the new trees that are planted will consume the same amount of carbon dioxide throughout their lifetime, eliminating the carbon footprint made by the stove.

When it comes time to choosing a wood burning stove, the perfect option is here at Opie´s, The Stove Shop. You can choose a traditional log burner with its rustic look and classic appeal, or go with a sleek, freestanding modern stove that doesn´t need a pre-existing fireplace or chimney. You can choose a small insert stove to fit the size of your fireplace, or a stove that burns recycled wood pellets if the environment is your utmost concern.

At Opie´s, we can provide you with a free estimate if you come into our showroom, and can even help you install your wood burning stove once you´ve come to a decision.