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Chimney Lining

Chimney lining is an essential part of the installation process for most woodburning stoves. If you do not have a Class 1 chimney system, then having your chimney lined would be a necessity. Although we recommend for most insert stoves the chimney is lined regardless of the chimney situation.

Twinwall Chimney Systems

Twin wall chimney systems have given everybody the chance to experience a wood burning stove, weather you have a chimney or not. The system used is pre-fabricated, and enables you to have a stove wherever you wanted (subject to a survey). The System can run on the exterior of the property if applicable, or through the interior and could even be boxed in for aesthetics.

Straight Fit Installation

This installation is usually the most straight forward. For those with a Class 1 chimney system, this installation applies. It's a case of setting a register plate and fitting the stove into your existing chimney system and certifying.

Log Burners, Colchester

If you require our installation services for multi-fuel stoves or log burners in Colchester or Chelmsford, please get in touch with us. Our showrooms are conveniently located for both areas and we have a large range of wood stoves on display. We are also able to offer our installation services for wood burning stoves in Essex, Southend, Brentwood, Romford, Great Dunrow and the surrounding areas.

Wood Burning Stove Installation Colchester
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